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Welcome to my site!

My name is Paweł Gałązka and I'm a 35 years old freelancer from Warsaw, Poland. To learn more, take a peek at the footer, bottom of this page. You will find there direct links to my Facebook, Vimeo, LinkedIn and Flickr profiles. Click the link below to see my latest demoreel. Enjoy your stay!


  • "We've been working with Paweł Gałązka for over 2 years now. During this time he has never failed to complete the task on time and the quality of his work was always excellent. There were even cases in which he completed the given tasks in really difficult deadlines, some of which many people would consider impossible. Paweł is also a very communicative and flexible person - in comparison to other freelancers he is able to adapt to client's needs and the cooperation level is just remarkable. I can truly recommend his services to everyone."

    Ernest Wagner- Prospekta.pl/PL

  • "ApaczoS is passionate and sincere with his talents. The execution is top notch for any situation in the medium. As my go-to VFX partner, your projects will be handled with extreme care and precision."

    Jay Ness - Director/US

  • "Great guy to work with! professional and quick. Will work with again!"

    Matthew Maka/CAN

  • " Oh yes! He done a great job! Professionalism & creativity + job done on time! I would hire him again. "


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